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 General information

Anguilla was first settled in pre-history by Amerindian tribes who migrated from South America . The date of European discovery is uncertain: some sources claim that Columbus sighted the island in 1493, while others state that the island was first discovered by the French in 1564 or 1565.

The name Anguilla derives from the word for "eel" in any of various Romance languages (modern Spanish: anguila ; French: anguille ; Italian: Anguilla ), probably chosen because of the island's eel-like shape. Anguilla was first colonised by English settlers from Saint Kitts , beginning in 1650. The island was administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century, when against the wishes of the inhabitants it was incorporated into a single British dependency along with Saint Kitts and Nevis . After a 1967 rebellion and brief period as a self-declared independent republic, it became a separate British dependency in 1980. Today, Anguilla is an internally self-governing, overseas territory of United Kingdom.

Anguilla is known as a quiet, peaceful island, with miles and miles of white sand beaches, all ringed by crystal clear waters. Tourism is the major industry, and visitors (many coming to scuba dive), arrive by air, while some take one of the convenient ferries linking Anguilla with Marigot, St. Martin. Anguilla is mostly flat land, with the highest point only 213 ft. above sea level. There are no rivers or streams, and the average high temperature is near 80º.

  • 3-Letter abbreviation: AIA
  • 2-Letter abbreviation: AI
  • Country common name: Anguilla
  • Country official name: Anguilla
  • Continent: North, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Capital: The Valley
  • Other major cities: None
  • Currency: Caribbean dollar
  • Official languages: English
  • Motto: "Strength and Endurance"
 Geographic information
  • Surface area: 102 km²
  • Highest point: Crocus Hill 65 m.
  • Neighbouring countries: None
  • Neighbouring seas and oceans: Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean
  • Population (in millions): 0.01
  • Gross domestic product (GDP) per inhabitant (in US dollars): 8,600
  • Density (inhabitants per km²): 124.88
  • Average age (in years): 30
  • Life expectancy at birth (in years): 76.7
 Telephone & Internet communication
  • Country international telephone code: + 1-264
  • Internet code: .ai
  • Number of Internet users: 3,000 (2002)